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History of Sopharma
History of Sopharma   Corporate information   Ognian Donev - Sopharma CEO

– modern production, European quality standards, corporate social responsibility.

In 1933 the pharmaceutical community united in its economic organization “Bulgarian Pharmacy Cooperative Company” starts the construction of the first production laboratory for production of medicinal products in the country.  

The products produced in the laboratory of the company – ampoules, tablets, extracts, chemical products, hygiene and cosmetics – their variety and number show the advancements and achievements in the pharmaceutical production in Bulgaria. Scientifically tested onsite, the products become popular with their high quality.

In 1942 the production laboratory of the Bulgarian Pharmacy Cooperative Company moves in a building especially constructed for its needs on “Iliensko shousee” and grows into “Galenus” – a pharmaceutical plant in which better conditions are a prerequisite for faster development. This leads to increase of production capacity and widening of the product portfolio. “Galenus” is the first modern industrial plant for production of medicinal products on the Balkan Peninsula, competing with popular German and Swiss companies.

In 1953 all machines for the production of solid forms are moved into the “Galenus” plant. The average production capacity of one machine reaches 5,576 tablets per hour. The main products are Aspirin, Chinin and Doverin produced with imported and high quality raw materials. In the same year, after the nationalization, the “Galenus” plant is renamed into Chemical-pharmaceutical plant – the ancestor of Sopharma.

For the period 1953-2000 Sopharma is the leading pharmaceutical producer in Bulgaria.

In September 2000 after a successful privatization Sopharma becomes a private pharmaceutical company. The first years after privatization are a period of constant modernization and improvement. For the two years after the privatization period Sopharma unites six enterprises in a modern and dynamic corporate structure including: Sopharma AD, Unipharm ASD, Vramed AD, Pharmachim Holding AD, NIFHI AD and Rostbalkanpharm.

In 2003 the President of the Republic of Bulgaria George Parvanov officially opened the new pharmaceutical plant “Sopharma – Vrabevo”. In this modern plant for production of medicinal products Sopharma invested 20 million BGN. Each step of the construction of the plant followed internationally accepted GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

In 2004 Sopharma licensed its production facilities according to the European GMP which secured its strategic position after the EU accession in 2007. In the same year Sopharma increased its production capacity by adding another member to its group of companies - Bulgarian Rose - Sevtopolis AD.

In 2005 Sopharma opened the most modern logistics center in Bulgaria (logistics terminal) for distribution of pharmaceutical products. The logistics center fully complies with the European Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

In 2006 Sopharma initiated the planning and construction process of a new highly technological tablet factory for the production of solid forms with doubled capacity and investment potential of over 40 million EUR. All activities related to planning, construction and validation fully comply with the European standards for pharmaceutical production and are approved by the Bulgarian Health Agency.

For this project Sopharma received the First Class Investor Award.

In 2007 Sopharma made the next step in modernization and increased production capacity in the tablet production of Bulgarian Rose - Sevtopolis AD, Kazanlak. The official opening of the new plant for pharmaceutical substances took place in 2008.

Being the only producer of ampoules in Bulgaria in 2007 Sopharma undertook a reconstruction of its ampoule facility in order to increase its production capacity.

With its 80 year history Sopharma is a symbol of success today.


1933 – First production building of the Bulgarian Pharmacy Cooperative Company

1942 – The company grows to become Pharmaceutical factory “Galenus”

1953 – The factory grows to become Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant - Sofia

1956 – Creation of the Bulgarian product “Nivalin”, produced according to original technology through extraction from the leaves of Galanthus nivalis (snow flake)

1964 – Start of the production of “Tabex” – a smoking cessation drug, containing cytisine

1981 – Completion of the implementation of a technology for the production of the Tribestan substance and starting of production of the original phytochemical medication product “Tribestan”, isolated from the plant Tribulus terrestris.

2000 – After a successful privatization Sopharma becomes a private pharmaceutical company

2003 – Official opening by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov of the Pharmaceutical plant “Sopharma – Vrabevo”, which is fully compliant with the European standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

2004 – Sopharma fully licenses its production capacities according to the European standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

2005 – Commissioning of the most modern Bulgarian logistics center (terminal) for distribution of medicine products, compliant with the European standards for Good Distribution Practices (GDP)

2006 – Starting of designing and construction of a new high-tech tablet factory for production of solid forms, with a double capacity

2007 – Completion of a new ampoule plant in Sofia with a double production capacity

2008 – Commissioning of a new production plant for pharmaceutical substances “Bulgarian Rose – Sevtopolis” in Kazanlak

2009 – Acquisition of the Latvian distributor of medicines Briz OOO with operations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. The Financial Supervision Commission approves the prospectus for the public offering of the shares of Sopharma on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

2010 – Registration of the first original product of Sopharma in Western Europe. Start of construction of two new production plants in Serbia and Bulgaria and establishing of a subsidiary in Poland.

2011 – Completion of the production plant in Serbia in cooperation with the Serbian partner Ivanchich and Sons. Opening of the unique for Eastern Europe “intelligent office building” Sopharma Business Towers. Start of official trading of the shares of Sopharma on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

2012 – For a third consecutive year Sopharma is given the “Best public company” award from the Capital Top 100 ranking.

2013 – The new state-of-the-art solid-forms factory of Sopharma is operational and won three awards in the construction sector