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Prestigious Аward

Prestigious Аward

Sopharma was awarded with prestigious award for most creative ad "Tribestan" - "Let's raise the plane" became popular during the 19th annual OTC Conference in Athens.

Athens 9th-11th April 2008
Nicholas Hall's Insight 19th European OTC Conference & Action Workshop

From April 9 to April 11 in Athens the 19th Annual European OTC Conference took place. Its main accents were the succesfull marketing strategies forr development of the OTC sector.

Teh conference is organized by Nicholas Hall & Company with the participation of all European multinational pharmaceutical companies.

In the highly competitive environment of pharmaceutical products from the hundreds of applications in the category Nicholas Hall's Insight European Creative Award – for the most creative TV commercial the joury had to select among 12 shortlisted advertisement among which stood the Tribestan Commerciol - "Lets turn the plane on" which became very popular among the delegates in the Conference.

During the Conference in a special official ceremony the winners in the "Nicholas Hall's OTC.newsflash Worldwide Marketing Award" category were announced. This is the category were the most creative advertisements compete.

The winners this year were the pharmaceutical multinationals GlaxoSmithKline, Procter&Gamble and Sopharma with Tribestan.

The original idea for the advertisement won the attention of the delegates of the Conference. The sense of humor was well accepted among the leaders in the pharmaceutical marketing and the phrase „To turn the plane on” will definetely be a multinational success.  The high evaluation of the joury for an overall marketing strategy, ralization and results for the campaign "Just try the best days" was presented personally by Prof. Hall who also gave the award „Worldwide Marketing Award”  to Sopharma for Tribestan.