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Andrey Liudmilov Breshkov

Andrey Liudmilov BreshkovAndrey Liudmilov Breshkov
Member of the Board of Directors

Andrey Breshkov is born on 19.10.1971 in Plovdiv. He completes his education in "Economics and Management of the Defense System" in the Economic University in Sofia. In 2004 receives his Master degree from the American University in Bulgaria.

From 1994 to 2000 Mr. Breshkov works at "Bulgaria" insurance company. From 2001 to 2005 works in the Ministry and Economics and then in the Ministry of Transportation and deals with the management and control of state owned companies.

He takes part in the management of companies as Kremikovtzi AD, Bulgaria Air AD etc. Since 2006 he works in the financial sector and takes part in the management of "Expat Properties" REIT "Expat Beta" REIT.

He speaks Russian and English.
Mr. Breshkov is married and has two children.